Personal Narrative

I always check the weather before I go out so that I can decide what to wear. When I go for a holiday, I would like to know the climate and weather there, and then I can prepare what to take with me. I feel that the weather and climate are important in our daily lives. I believe Perth, with its beautiful environment, is one of the best places in the world for people to live in. For example, public parks are popular for lunch break and barbeque; national parks are great tourist attractions; natural lakes and rivers are good for fishing and boating. The natural environment provides us with a lot of entertainment but Climate Change can destroy all of these as plants and animal may not be able to live with the changed condition.

Living in Perth for 10 years, I realise that the climate has significantly changed. For instance, according to weatherzone, in the beginning of 2011, Perth endured the hottest summer in 33 years and the second hottest in more than 110 years. I am aware that the climate will keep changing over the years but I would like to know what makes this happen and what I can do to slow it down.

I actually did not know much about Climate Change until I did a small project at my work place regarding Climate Change. By doing this project, I have gained much knowledge about this issue, why it happens, what the current status is, what the government does, what we can do, etc. I realised that Climate Change is not just an issue discussed by the government and professionals but also a matter in our everyday lives. By choosing this topic for my blog, I can research and learn more about Climate Change, such as what are the government policies on this issue, how Climate Change impacts on our lives, what we can do to prevent Climate Change, etc. I would like to share what I found with other people, and encourage them to fight Climate Change. This blog is also a platform for me to interact with readers and to know what they think regarding this issue by reading their comments.


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