Introduction – Climate change does matter to you!

Climate change has become the No. 1 environmental issue for everyone who lives on our beautiful planet. When the climate changes, such as the increase of the Earth’s average surface temperature, does it mean that we just get a hotter summer or a warmer winter? Of course not. According the Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency, the extra heat has make global average air and ocean temperature increase, snow and ice melt, and global sea levels rise. But what do these mean to us?

Climate Change actually changes the worldwide environment and the way we live. According to Friend of the Earth, “A recent study suggested that a quarter of land animals and plants, altogether a million species, could be made extinct by the middle of the century” because of Climate Change. Prevent Climate Change states that the melting ice poses a potentially devastating flood risk to coastal areas across the world, such as New York and London. Climate Change also leads to other extreme weather conditions including monsoons, hurricanes, and heatwaves, which threaten people and habitats (Prevent Climate Change). The Telegraphalso mentions that Climate Change causes reduced harvest of crops and vegetables, loss of wild flora and fauna, destruction of forest cover, more diseases and deaths…It can be seen that the  changes to natural habitats, caused by Climate Change, are creating new challenges to the environment, species, people, and our lives.

So, actually what makes the Climate Change? It has been proven that it is largely caused by carbon pollution produced by human activities, such as clearing land, wasting plant and sewerage, raising cattle and sheep, using fertiliser, burning fossil fuels (coal, oil and gas), using energy generated by fossil fuels, making cement and aluminium by industrial processes (Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency). It has been demonstrated that such activities allow man-made green gases release to the atmosphere and thus cause Climate Change. Are you doing any of those or do you know anyone is doing them?

If we keep producing pollution to the Earth, our beautiful planet would be deeply damaged and would not be suitable for us to live on! You may think this may only happen in the distant future, but how about our kids and their next generations? We are responsible to create a healthy environment for them but not destroy it. Click here to learn what you can do to fight Climate Change and protect the Earth.

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